The Lifestyle Collective is the love-child of Clare Barker Wells and Amy Rushbrook, created to bring together photographers from all over the world who share a love for Lifestyle Photography.

It is a community that supports, educates, motivates and inspires lifestyle photographers to cultivate their dream businesses with work that is meaningful, beautiful and connected.  You can find us on
Instagram and in our Facebook Group.

There is such a ridiculous amount of talent in our Facebook Group and April was no exception!  Each month we decide on a theme, and we encourage our members to not only post their favourites from past shoots within that theme, but to also incorporate it in every shoot they have throughout the month.  It encourages photographers to push their creativity, think outside the square and to experiment with new techniques.  

The theme for April was "shadows".  Amy and I picked our favourite top 20 - here are 10 of them, head over to Amy's Blog to see the other 10!  Enjoy!