Lifestyle Photography in KL - Meet The Monk Family

I'm pretty sure that I get the most fun clients. Perhaps it's written somewhere on my site that I'd not realised, that says I only want the best families to shoot? Because I have really been on a run recently, having shoot after shoot with great, brilliantly fun families. The Monks were no exception to that. We played, we ran around, we sang christmas carols and we read stories, and I had a brilliant time photographing all of it, which I think shows in their photographs.

Light filled, natural couple portraits in KLCC Park

Ana-Maria and Joe are one of those couples that you want to be jealous of, but really can't help liking. A lot. They are stylish, successful, creative, fun, and holy wow are they good you can see below. I got to spend the morning with them in KLCC park before they head off to pastures new, having spent nearly two years living just around the corner from this park.

Hopefully we created some beautiful memories to take on with them to wherever in the world they end up. Safe travels guys!

Naturally gorgeous - portraits in Kuala Lumpur

Caroline is another photographer here in KL, and we decided that it would be fun for us to take our 'headshots' for one another. I lucked out because clearly Caroline is the easiest person in the world to photograph - look at how beautiful she is! Caroline is going to have her work cut out, because next week, it's my turn in front of the camera, and I certainly do not have as much natural style and grace as Caroline does...