Kiki and Pieter | A love story

You know all that cheesy stuff that photographers write about couples that they photograph, where they say how the love just shines from the couple etc etc? Well these two are deserving of that description, and more. The love between them was palpable, and I barely told them what to do or where to look...they just naturally fell into these happy embraces - a love like this is easy to capture. Thank you Kiki and Pieter for letting me spend the morning with you. 

Jule & Joshua | Mum and Me

Jule contacted me because she wanted to capture some pictures of her and Joshua to send back to her family in Europe, and to give to her husband for Father's day. I normally do shoots with the whole family included, but I have to say, it was an absolute pleasure to just spend time capturing the relationship between these two, no distractions, no fuss, just me watching on, and capturing how they really are together.

KLCC Park in beautiful morning light - The Klimashovs

Svetlana and Evgenie got engaged overlooking this park. They came back again three years later whilst pregnant with Anya, and then, two years later decided it was time to come back once more, and this time bring gorgeous Anya to the place that holds all of these wonderful memories for them. I was lucky enough to be asked to capture some more memories for them whilst they were here...

The family session that turned into an engagement session....

Mel arranged this family session with me a few weeks ago. I'd met Mel and Archie (their one year old) before, but never Kurt, and so when he phoned me the afternoon before the shoot was planned I was a bit confused....when he explained why he was phoning though, I quickly became super excited....and then had to keep my mouth shut for 24 hours until the shoot. The next morning the sun rose and the light was beautiful. BEAUTIFUL I tell you. Mel and I were excitedly swapping messages about how perfect it was...but little did she know how exciting it was about to become.

We took a few family shots...and then whilst stood in front of the iconic Petronas Towers, with little Archie watching on, Kurt went down on one knee and the romantic in me nearly died, because it was Just. Too. Gorgeous. I won't be sharing any of the actual proposal pictures here, because they're something personal to Kurt and Mel, but you can probably tell when it can see a little bit of Mel's reaction afterwards, and you can definitely see the smiles that do not leave their faces from that moment on...and as for that ring...that's hard to miss! 

Congratulations guys; it was an honour to be there, and I hope I've done the moment justice...