The Okabayashis | Maternity

These guys are some of our very best friends here in KL, and you may have seen them grace this blog before, when we went on holiday to Phuket with them. But this is a little bit different, because this time they asked me to document them in the last few weeks as a family of three, before Cooper's baby brother comes along any time now. I captured them as I see them and as I know them, beautiful, loving, and just a teensy bit crazy.

A walk in the Lake Gardens

Following our breakfast in Bangsar, we jumped in the car and had a little walk in the Lake Gardens. It was actually raining at the time (thanks KL rainy season), but that didn't stop the light from being gorgeous, and us capturing some beautiful, fun shots together. Tanya and Troy (and little Jai of course) were so relaxed and chilled out, and were not afraid to try anything I suggested, however ridiculous it may have seemed(!), and I think that comes through in the photographs...