Peekaboo Kids - Beautiful Cheongsams in Malaysia

I was initially approached by the ladies at Peekaboo Kids to work with them to take their promotional images for their brand new, and absolutely stunning, children's clothes. It then transpired that they didn't yet have a model, and so Emmi stepped into the breach, and she, I, and Peekaboo Kids worked together to create these images for their website and marketing material.

The Cheongsam are absolutely gorgeous, very unique, and finished beautifully. They are also made from 100% cotton so are comfortable and easy to wear. So if you're looking for an outfit for your little girl for the Chinese New Year, I can highly recommend a visit to Peekaboo kids.

Forever + Ava - simple, beautiful girl's fashion in KL

Last week Emmi and I spent a morning with the owners of Forever + Ava, a beautiful children's clothing brand, based here in KL. We were all in our element; Emmi and Ava (the other gorgeous model here) got to play dress up, Olivia and Sally, the owners of Forever + Ava were stylists (and super stylish they are too), and I took pictures, and below you can see the (pretty wonderful if I do say so myself) outcome of this collaboration. Forever + Ava clothes are not only very very cool (Emmi approves, clearly), but also all handmade here in Malaysia, which in my eyes is a huge bonus. If you like what you see here, you can find more info on their Facebook page, or even better, pop along and find them at the Association of British Women's Christmas Bazaar on 1st December. You can also email if you'd like any further info about other stock etc (this is just a tiny selection of what they have available).