Jule & Joshua | Mum and Me

Jule contacted me because she wanted to capture some pictures of her and Joshua to send back to her family in Europe, and to give to her husband for Father's day. I normally do shoots with the whole family included, but I have to say, it was an absolute pleasure to just spend time capturing the relationship between these two, no distractions, no fuss, just me watching on, and capturing how they really are together.

Baby Oliver | Newborn

When baby Oliver arrived, he joined big brothers Lucas and Finlay to give Tammie and Andrew three (really quite gorgeous) boys.  Somehow, Tammie manages to still pull off looking calm and serene even with a house full of boys (although I have to say, they were all perfectly behaved whilst I was there)...and seeing Lucas and Finlay being such doting big brothers was really beautiful...man...sometimes I feel very lucky to have the job that I do.

Caroline and Sayan | Newborn natural beauty

Caroline, my great friend and another photographer here in KL, just had her second baby. We made plans that I would come to the hospital as soon as Baby Wellings made her appearance to capture some pictures of their first hours as a family of four. There was only one day in the month that I couldn't make it, as I would be in Singapore for an (amazing) photography workshop. We agreed that the likelihood of her coming on the one day I wasn't in KL was pretty low. What day did gorgeous Sayan decide to make her appearance? The one day I was in Singapore. She certainly knows her own mind already.

It all turned out ok in the end though, because when I visited them the next week, once they were settled in at home, I snuck in my camera, and captured Caroline and Sayan together, just getting to know one another and enjoying one another's company. These are some of my all time favourite newborn shots that I've taken. Not posed, not prepared in special clothes or outfits, just a mum and a baby, and me sitting back and capturing the undeniable beauty of it all.