Caroline and Co....A family maternity session

Caroline is a fellow photographer here in KL, and we have grown close over our geek-outs over lenses, and our mutual love of making beautiful images. When Caroline announced she was pregnant, it was a no-brainer that I would want to do her maternity photos for her...although I have to say, the thought of taking photographs for another photographer is slightly nerve-wracking. The thing is though, with a family who are clearly as happy and excited to become four as this family are, I couldn't help but take beautiful pictures of them....

Stunning Maternity session in Valencia - Patrycja and Artur

I thought this shoot was going to go well the moment I opened my eyes on the Saturday morning and the beautiful sunrise was shining through the clouds. Then when I got out of my car to meet Patrycja and Artur and saw Patrycja's gorgeous dress and the way the light was filtering through the trees and into her hair I knew it would be great.

As I type this the due date is rapidly much luck and love winging its way to you both.