Naturally gorgeous - portraits in Kuala Lumpur

Caroline is another photographer here in KL, and we decided that it would be fun for us to take our 'headshots' for one another. I lucked out because clearly Caroline is the easiest person in the world to photograph - look at how beautiful she is! Caroline is going to have her work cut out, because next week, it's my turn in front of the camera, and I certainly do not have as much natural style and grace as Caroline does...

Family photography - a morning walk in the wood

Whilst we were back in the UK last month, Grampy Bill and Granny Ali took Emmi to the woods for a walk and to explore the local wildlife (or is that Emmi took Granny and Grampy for a walk? I'm never entirely sure who exactly is in charge). I tagged along to take some pictures (because when a Granny or Grampy is around, a mummy is definitely superfluous).

There's something about the pure joy that children get from nature which is contagious. Long may her love for all things outdoors continue.