Kiki and Pieter | A love story

You know all that cheesy stuff that photographers write about couples that they photograph, where they say how the love just shines from the couple etc etc? Well these two are deserving of that description, and more. The love between them was palpable, and I barely told them what to do or where to look...they just naturally fell into these happy embraces - a love like this is easy to capture. Thank you Kiki and Pieter for letting me spend the morning with you. 

Coffee and Love | The perfect sunday morning

Audrey contacted me a while back now to ask me to take her engagement pictures. They were looking for natural, honest, fun engagement pictures, to use on their wedding website, and to show all of their friends and family back in Windhoek, in Namibia (where the wedding will take place this summer) what their life here in KL is like. I suggested we meet in one of their favourite coffee shops, and then take a walk back to the apartment, and capture them just doing their normal sunday morning thing...and that's exactly what we did...