The Mireles Family | At Home

Beautifully styled home? Check. Absolutely gorgeous children? Check. Love and laughter and connection by the bucket-load? Check Check Check. When all of the above comes together in a session, it's like magic for me. It ignites my passion to create, and gives me this freedom to just capture what I see. 

Thanks Mireles family - you rocked this session!


I really cannot express enough how much I love shooting families with toddlers and young children. Which is strange, as anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that whilst I love my children dearly, I do not enjoy the toddler era all that much.

But what young children provide in my sessions is that element of chaos, of surprise, of zero structure, that you just can't replicate. And very often my best work is done when the children are driving their parents crazy by not listening, or not doing what they're told. What the parents don't know though is that I secretly don't want them to do what I tell them...I just want to see where it leads. Because the unpredictable nature of toddlers is what gets me shots like the ones below, which happen to be some of my favourite family shots to date.

AXEL | NEWBORN | Life, Styled

Sometimes you get your dream clients. The ones who get your photography style (no babies in a basket here!), who trust you to do your thing, and on top of all that, are effortlessly stylish. These guys fit that bill completely. And handsome baby Axel was just the cherry on top. 


When I walk into a shoot I never know exactly what I'm going to get, and with a newborn shoot, its even less predictable. Will the baby be awake or asleep? Cry all the time or want to feed all day? So I allow plenty of time for ALL of this in my shoots. It takes all of the stress away from the mum, if we can happily put the camera down for as long as needed to make sure baby is happy again. 

But with divine little Emmeline we didn't need any of that extra time, because she was officially the dream baby. She slept, she woke, she lay quietly looking up at my camera, and was passed between mum and dad while happily staring into their eyes. Not all babies will be like that, and thats absolutely fine, but once in a while, it makes my job even more of a joy. Thanks Emmeline!