Learn how to take beautiful pictures on any camera, from your iPhone to your DSLR.

Join me on a photography workshop in Singapore designed to take you from beginner to beautiful. You will learn the difference between a snapshot and a stunning image, how to turn your camera off that little 'AUTO' setting and take those stand-out photographs to treasure yourself.

This course is perfect for anyone looking to use iPhone, point and shoot, or full DSLR, as the principles apply across the board. Clare made the course so accessible and easy to apply, and was able to meet each of us where we were at with our varying levels of experience. This course has changed the way I approach capturing every day life with my kids and making the memories more beautiful to look at! Highly recommend this course!!
Since taking Clare’s photography class, my basic snapshots have evolved into meaningful photos that capture a moment and tell a story. Clare is knowledgeable, approachable, and teaches practical steps that make your photos stand out from the crowd. She exceeded all of my expectations!



You don't need to have a fancy DSLR to take this course, because the lessons I teach will show you how to take gorgeous pictures with whatever camera you have, from your trusty iPhone upwards. Of course, I will also cover how a DSLR (and in fact, any camera) works, why and how you should learn to take control of it.


Topics covered in the course are:

The 'rules' of photography

How your camera works - and why you need to know this

Finding the light

Taking control of your camera

The class runs in a very informal and fun yet informative way - I believe in learning through doing, so there is a lot of practical work, and (a tiny bit of) homework at the end of each session.   The class is limited to 10 participants so that I can really focus on getting to know each of you and giving each of you what you need.


The course includes:

Two four hour classes

Cake and a light lunch

All course materials

I'm an open book during this time (and afterwards actually!) so you are welcome to pick my brains throughout the course, on anything from what camera to buy, to how to take better pictures of landscapes, to where you can get photography inspiration.


Spaces book up quickly so if you'd like a space on the next workshop, or to find out more information, do make sure you sign up below to hear about the next dates first. I always announce the next run on Instagram too, so make sure you're following me there.

I'm also available for a limited number of private lessons and/or photographer mentoring, so please do get in touch to find out more. 

Clare took something that has always been intimidating for me (using one of those fancy cameras with all the buttons) and broke it down to bite size pieces that kept me interested and begging my husband for a camera by the end of the course. I’m grateful I took this course when I did. My children will thank me!
Fabulous course, I learnt more about my camera and how to compose a great shot in our 4 weeks with Clare than I did on a 10 month college course!


For me this has been so much more than a short course, it’s been truly life-changing. I noticed improvements from day one and have now amassed a beautiful collection of photographs that I can be proud of. Clare teaches you to see the world differently; light, shade and beauty in everything. She has built an online community of graduates for ongoing support, encouragement and inspiration which has been so amazing to be a part of. I am so grateful for the incredible insights and time she has shared so generously.

After being recommended Clare’s course by a friend, I had high expectations, Clare managed to smash these :-). Clare is a great teacher, and makes taking a great photos easy. Now not only do I know what ISO and aperture mean, but I am able to better capture moments and take photos that really tell the story.
Since attending Clare’s classes i now think and look for certain elements each time I take a photo. I now realize the small details in those precious moments really do make a good picture, perfect. Turning my quick snap photos into a memory. Thank you Clare.

I have always love love loved Clare’s amazing ability to tell beautiful stories in just one frame. How does she do it? Why does she always make me cry? What is it about this picture that I love so much?

So when I learned about her workshops, it was pretty much a “shut up and take all my money” moment and she did not disappoint!

I saw immediate improvement in the first class alone and by the last class, Clare managed to not only simplify all the big photography words into real-life mama-brain bite-sized knowledge, but she also gave us a really good grasp on what it means to tell a story with a frame.

At each class, she provided lots of opportunities to practice and ask questions, and it didn’t matter if you were a cellphone camera photographer or had a shiny pretty dslr, Clare made it all relatable.

The best part of it all is that she has not only managed to teach this mama how to capture forever memories of my teeny tiny but she has also made it so that I would proudly print it and hang it in our living room! All this from someone that couldn’t even tell you how to turn on my camera!

I love Clare’s photography so jumped at the chance to take her course. Clare was the perfect teacher making the course fun, relaxed and easy to understand. It was the highlight of my week for 4 weeks. I am now a more inspired and confident photographer. Thanks Clare for sharing your talent.
Clare made the course fun and easy to understand. She also adapted the pace according to the varying levels of photography knowledge in our class which was very helpful for a beginner like me. A definite must for anyone wanting to learn more about photography and how to use their DSLR to its maximum potential.