Beginner's Photography WOrkshop template

Several years ago I got asked at least twice a month if I could run a photography course for beginners, for mums, for people who wanted to understand the fancy DSLR that they had but didn't know how to take off Auto. I spent nearly a year working out what needed to be in the class, what I WANTED in the class, and the best possible ways of teaching those things. I then spent three more years teaching this class almost every other month (and it sold out EVERY time). Over the years I developed the course, I honed it, I tweaked it, and I am super proud of the content, the way it works, and the feedback has always been ridiculously positive (See here for some incredibly lovely testimonials, and more of what's included in the course). 

And now, instead of getting asked if I can run a course,  I get asked all the time if I can share the course with other photographers (that's you guys) so that you can benefit from the knowledge that I've gained from running this course over the past few years. Aaaaand I can finally say that I'm working on it! I need to make some tweaks and prepare all of the information you need to make the course an engaging, marketable, (and also) profitable offering, but if you want to be the first to know more when I'm ready to market it (and be in for the sweet deal I'm going to offer for early birds) - this is the place!

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