When I first arrived in Singapore I had one friend. One. So I put on my shiniest 'you-want-to-be-my-friend-don't-you' face, and took myself off to many an intimidating coffee morning. It's frankly, pretty terrifying walking into a room full of other women who all are (probably/hopefully) feeling equally worried but are putting on incredibly good fronts and look confident and polished and not at all sweaty. Anyway, long-story-short, at one of these  coffee-mornings, I met Emily, who at the time was looking glowy and gorgeous, despite being 7 months pregnant in 95% humidity and 34c temperature, and 6 months later we are firm friends. Oh, and the point of this story is that that glorious bump that Emily was sporting that day, is now 4 month old divine little Sebastian:


This beauty of a family was another one of my first sessions in Singapore (and YES, that was six months ago, and YES I am only now getting around to blogging them, what of it?) and had my shortest commute ever because these guys are our neighbours. Not only that but our little blonde boys are chums, and often get mistaken for one another. As this little one is ridiculouslt cute, I (and Oscar) will take that as a compliment.


This beautiful family was one of the first to go before my lens after we moved to Singapore from KL, and I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful start to my Singapore business. Not only were these two girls just ridiculously gorgeous, but their beautiful mother Nina is a (long-time) on-line friend and fellow photographer. Shooting other photographers is always an interesting mix - I'm always more nervous because they have their own style (and how will that mesh with mine?), but it's also awesome because they just get it (whatever it is!?) and I get to have some fun and get creative. 


This was one of my last sessions in KL before I made the move to Singapore, and it couldn't have gone any better. It was full of my favourite things to photograph - love, joy and absolute chaos. I know that we (as parents) mostly hate chaos, but as a photographer I see the beauty in it, and I hope that you get to see it too.